Our Mission

The Wyoming Association of Municipalities mission is to
advocate for cities’ and towns’ common interests and provide educational opportunities for WAM members.

Download WAM’s Bylaws Here

WAM History

After operating in several organizational forms since 1928, the Wyoming Association of Municipalities (WAM) was incorporated in 1967 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization representing and serving Wyoming’s cities and towns. Every Wyoming citizen relies on quality services and facilities provided by cities and towns.  This is especially true for 69 percent of the population lives in a municipality.

WAM is currently governed by a Board of Directors composed of mayors, council members, a representative from Great Open Spaces City Management Association (GOSCMA), a representative from Wyoming Association of Municipal Clerks and Treasurers (WAMCAT) and a representative from Leadership Training Services (LTS) who are elected by their peers to represent Wyoming Local Governments.

Our Objectives

Advocate for Wyoming’s cities’ and towns’ municipal interests regarding both state and federal legislation.

Provide Training Opportunities to municipal officials and staff through the Local Government Leadership Program, which assists Wyoming Communities with fundamental training.

Communicate all things related to municipal governance, training, outreach and advocacy. Contact WAM to discover all the ways it keeps its members and stakeholders informed!

These objectives in large part are met by the hard work and dedication of members of the various WAM Committees.

Our Staff

Executive Director
Earla Checchi
Finance Manager
Direct line 307-275-8376
Earla delivers Numbers and Human Resource. As WAM’s Finance Manager, she oversees finances for WAM, WAM-JPIC, and other partnership programs. Additionally, she manages all human resource functions to ensure WAM is compliant with state and federal rules.
Justin Schilling
Member Services Manager
Direct line 307-275-8380
Justin delivers the WAM Communication Plan and suggests new ideas and mechanisms to communicate with WAM members and partners. He plans and manages WAM events and coordinates with the Leadership Training Services Board Members (LTS) to provide annual training and curriculum.

Board of Directors

Region Board Member Status Municipality Term Complete
1 Kelly Krakow Town Albin 2024
Dr. Mark Rinne City Cheyenne 2024
Joe Shumway At Large Laramie 2025
2 Joe Wilson Town Sundance 2025
Kim Pexton City Douglas 2025
Rich Bridger At Large Sheridan 2025
3 Ernie Beckley Town Ten Sleep 2025
Jim Gill City Worland 2025
John Wetzel At Large Powell 2025
4 Joel Highsmith Town Shoshoni 2025
Charri Lara City Lander 2025
Kyle Gamroth At Large Casper 2024
5 Matt Murdoch Town Pinedale 2024
Hailey Morton-Levinson City Jackson 2025
David Welling At Large Evanston 2025
6 Dominic Wolf Town Superior 2025
Pete Rust City Green River 2025
Terry Weickum At Large Rawlins 2024
PRESIDENT Matt Hall Cody 2025
VICE PRESIDENT Carter Napier Casper 2025
WAMCAT Penny Robbins Mountain View 2023
GOSCMA Janine Jordan Laramie 2023

Susan Juschka

Paul Brooks