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Mayor Council Handbook 2018

Review the responsibilities and duties to be provided by city and town elected officials in Wyoming. This handbook is helpful to both newly elected officials and veteran mayors and council members with a brief summary of their functions, and with a reference source to selected provisions of Wyoming law pertaining to municipal government.

Budget Prep Handbook

Allow us to provide some support to you, as you develop your Municipal Budget! Check out our prep handbook that provides explanation and reference information, as well as revenue projections, intended to be a guide for the FY2025 budget season.

Volume I

An examination of state-to-municipal funding mechanisms, sources of available municipal revenue, typical and mandated municipal expenses, and other national municipal funding models.

Volume II

Recommendations to increase revenues to Local Government, particularly at the municipal level. This report compares Wyoming to boarding states and states with similar natural resource tax base to support the recommendations.

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