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Policy making is not a spectator sport – participate!
The 67th Wyoming Legislative Budget Session will begin February 12th in Cheyenne. WAM will be at the session from day one advocating on the behalf of Wyoming’s cities and towns.  If you plan to attend any of the session, contact Justin at the WAM office and join in on WAM’s effort.  WAM will help you prepare an impactful message to your legislators.

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Start Talking to Your Legislators

Locate your local representative or senator to have your voice heard and learn more about what is happening in Cheyenne.

Lobbying Tips

WAM provides regular updates of legislation that will impact municipal government in an emailed report titled ‘At the Capitol’.  You can find that report or follow bills using Issue or Position searches on our Advocacy page, here.  We encourage you to reach out to other elected officials and legislators to keep them informed.

Legislators want to hear from local government officials so they will know how their decisions will impact cities in their districts. Meet face to face at home or in Cheyenne, send letters, emails, or make a phone call to ensure that your city’s voice is heard.

Watch the “At the Capitol” for calls to action on important legislative issues. The importance of contacting a legislator promptly cannot be overemphasized. The most articulate letter or phone call does no good if it arrives after a vote.

Remember to thank legislators regularly and publicly for work that makes a positive impact on your city. Effective ways to say thank you include recognition at a city council meeting, presentation of certificate of thanks, or a letter to the editor of your local newspaper praising your legislators’ response to a local need.

If you send a letter or make a phone call about a legislative issue, please let us know! WAM staff cite your letters when they talk with legislators and use your local circumstances when testifying before committees.

Consider sending letters to the editor or opinion pieces (op-eds) on a local impact of legislation under consideration. Contact WAM if you need assistance drafting these materials.

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