American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Resource Page

The American Rescue Plan Act will deliver more than $130 million to Wyoming’s cities, towns and counties. WAM is here to help guide our 98 member communities through the process, from ensuring timely receipt of your funds, to interpreting Federal spending guidance and rules, and finally coordinating with the state to streamline reporting mechanisms.

This is a huge windfall, but proper planning and thorough consideration of where these one-time funds can make the greatest positive impact to your community is going to be a huge undertaking as well. To get started here are some great reference documents to start reading now from the U.S. Department of Treasury and the National League of Cities.

How to Calculate Revenue Loss – This is an excellent document explaining step by step how to calculate revenue loss based on the ARPA guidance. The rules assume growth, so even if your year over year looks about the same, it’s worth it to run this calculation. Click here

Revenue Loss Calculator – Revenue loss replacement will be one of the easiest and most  “string-free” ways to claim your ARPA funding. Leslie Brumage, Finance Officer for the City of Cody prepared this simple Excel spreadsheet calculator with Cody’s amounts included as an example for you to use to see how much you might be able claim. Click here to download the Excel file

New Treasury FAQ – This constantly evolving Treasury guidance FAQ page is an excellent resource for real world answers to the questions you’re probably asking. Click here.

New Treasury Compliance and Reporting Guidance – The introductory guidance from Treasury explaining the compliance and reporting requirements that you will be expected to follow as you move forward with utilizing your ARPA Local Government Funding. Click here. 

The Federal Guidance Document – This is the full 134-page guidance document released by the U.S. Department of Treasury on 5-17-21. You will see condensed versions of this information, and several useful FAQ documents summarizing this guidance below, but we recommend printing a copy of this for reference and research purposes. Click here

READ  FIRST The Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds Fact Sheet – This is a good 8-page distillation of the guidance that gives a high level list of allowed and disallowed uses for the funds. Click here

National League of Cities Treasury Guidance Webinar